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Paris Hilton Spotted with a Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Handbag


Louis Vuitton Replica Handbag


This beautiful lady is nothing but a regular person, It is the popular celebrity Nicole. She is seen with a beautiful Hermes Birkin handbag and her adorable chihuahua. This Chihuahua is not just any kind its a mixed bread with an Alaskan Husky which gives it that puffy lion fur look. Nicole is also known to always wear sunglasses in order to hide herself from Paparazzis and news reporters since she lives in the famous town known as Malibu, Florida. She is also known to have very good taste when choosing a handbag. That cute dog is so ADORABLE!! :) If this was my dog I would buy the Juicy Couture fleece suit for dogs that turns heads everywhere you go. This can be found at any Juicy Couture store in United States.


Fake Handbag


Here you can see Paris Hilton walking around Italy with a fake handbag. You can easily tell its a fake purse because of the Miroir material not being as shiny as the real ones. Some critics say its because of the poor lighting in the picture and being dark which might be the case. I also think a top celebrity like Paris Hilton could easily afford the real thing so theres no reason she would buy a louis vuitton replica handbag.

Louis Vuitton Replica

Here you can see Paris Hilton getting out of her 2007 Bentley Continental GT which is a $200,000 car. She is carring a beautiful Chanel handbag with a Juicy Cuouture fleece track suit set. She was spotted getting ready to purchase Holloween customs this past October for her party in Rome. Chanel handbags have a fun and unique look greatly used by mid aged women. Most Chanel handbags also come with a exterior logo which can be seen from a good distance. Popular among Fake Handbag dealers these bags are easily immitated, so be careful when shopping.


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